World's Card Game, UNO™, Launches on Facebook Messenger


New UNO™ instant game on Facebook Messenger is available now, where players can challenge friends worldwide without the need to download anything. The time for opening server will be 0:00PST, Jan 25th. By the time an App version of UNO™ is expected to launch globally as a free-to-play mobile game on App Store and Google Play in Spring, 2018.

Meanwhile you can check the new features below:

New Features:

1.Charisma Ranking

Come and check your charisma ranking with your friends.

2. Follow

Share the luck! Now you can follow players in game and have fun with them anytime.

3. Build-up

Build up your UNO planet! Save the four adorable bunnies and rocket together. New medals await!

4. In-game message

5. Now you can invite friends and get instant coins every day.

6. Now you can cancel during matching when you aren't matched with any player.

7. Rounds and rules are shown in Room Mode and Party Mode.  

8. Game art designs updated.

Bug Fix:

Fixed game crash and game lag.