UNO™ New Updates - March 8, 2018


Dear UNO™ fans

We've made changes based on your feedback. Visit our fanpage to find out more about the latest UNO™. 


1. 【Ranks】Added Global Ranks.

2. 【Languages】The game can now be played in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Go to Settings to select a language.

3. 【Notice】Added in-game notification system to inform players of game news.

4. 【Go Wild】During a Go Wild game, you can click on an icon to see the multiplier being used in the round.


1.【Visuals】Enhanced the coins flying-in effect at the end of each game.

2.【Invitation】Modified invitation message. Now players can see the current round's rules directly in the Invitation Message.

3. 【Go Wild】To ensure a better experience for new players, we have changed the qualification requirement for players.

Go Wild will only be open to level 3 or higher players.

Meanwhile, Go Wild uses higher multiplier to calculate coins, players may experience much higher wins or losses after each round. The cost to play Go Wild remains the same. However, players need to have more coin reserve to be able to play Go Wild.


UNO Dev team