UNO!™ New Updates


Dear UNO!™ fans,

UNO!™ has exciting new updates for you all!

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-New Features-

1.【Offline】Added offline mode. You can play in Quick Play or 2V2 Mode with robots during server maintenance.

2.【Auto-play】When you run down the clock 3 times without playing a card, an AI will take over your hand and play for you to finish the game.

3.【Store】You can now buy in-game coins & other items in our Store.

4.【Items】Added Magic Wand, Clover, and Scratch Card. All items can be purchased in our Store.

5.【Tutorial】Updated tutorial.

6.【Daily】Added more daily tasks: sending emojis and gifts each day can earn you rewards.

7.【Easter】Now you can claim Easter reward from the Claim button if you’ve completed the collection.

8.【Robots】Added Robots in Room Mode. You can play in Room Mode with robots when there are not enough players.


1.【Friends】Added invitation to offline Facebook friends who have played UNO.


1.【Language】Game now available in Italian, German【Setting-Language-Select】


UNO! Dev team