UNO!™ Instant Game on Facebook New Updates


Dear UNO fans,

UNO!™ has undergone an update. For more update details, be sure to keep following our Fanpage.


1. 【Updated Privacy Policy】We have updated our Privacy Policy and User Agreement. You will need to read and click agree in order to continue to the game.

2. 【Purchase】US players (as well as players from Vietnam, Laos, Australia, Canada, Mexico and UK) can now purchase various items in the game such as decks, scenes, and many others!

Purchasing is still only available on Android phones and PC web version. If you would like to pay via PC web version, there are two ways:

1) Enter the game by clicking the "Uno"button in the “Shortcuts” panel on the left side of the Facebook homepage.

2) Or, on the left side of the Facebook homepage click on the "Games" button in the "Explore" panel (if the button is hidden, click "See More"). Next, click on the "Instant Games" button on the left, then enter the game on the following page.

*Please note that the payment option is unavailable if you enter the game through the desktop version of Messenger*

Facebook is still testing ingame purchase functions. Please be patient if you are experiencing some bugs. More countries and territories coming soon!

3. 【Go Wild】The exciting experience of “40 Times” is launched.


1. 【More detailed result statement of coins】After each round you will see how coins are calculated.


UNO!™ Dev Team