UNO!™ App Server Maintenance and New Updates


Dear fans,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, we will perform a server maintenance and update UNO!™ on August 29, 2019, from 6am to 10am (UTC time).


Massive update incoming!

There's a whole new way to play UNO: Ranked Mode! Play UNO in rounds and keep winning to get stars. Lose a game and you will also lose a heart. Three strikes and you're out. But collect enough stars and you will ascend to a higher rank. Climb the ladder and unlock fantastic rewards every season! Can you unlock Master Rank?

But that's not all. This update is packed with good stuff:

· Rewards from Daily Login and Build-Up goals have been re-vamped. Don't forget to claim your rewards from Ranked Mode too.

· Build-up tasks have been rebalanced! Get those bonus rewards!

· Get lucky every day! The new capsule machine replaces the TV in the lobby. It has tons of prizes. Rewards after watching ads are better than ever!

· Now we'll remind you when your monthly card is going to expire. Don't stress it.

· Share your newest medals, special effects, and scenes to social media from the Profile screen. Show off a little!

UNO!™ Dev Team

UNO!™ App Server Maintenance and New Updates