UNO!™ App Server Maintenance and New Updates


Dear fans,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, we will perform server maintenance and update UNO!™ on June 24, 2021, from 6 am to 9 am (UTC time).


Check out the new version of UNO!

- At just the right time, the UNO Championship Series Mobile Tournament is coming! Shuffle up your cards, choose your colors wisely, and get ready to play against the best UNO! players in the world for amazing prizes, digital and tangible!

- At 02:00:00 (UTC) on July 1st, the story mode opens a new chapter—Tokyo, Japan! All kinds of Tokyo-themed decorations and rewards are waiting for you to claim! This chapter lasts one and a half months, come and explore the new levels!

- The special 3-player ALL-IN Mode is coming! Players who love to take big risks will be all in on this big risk, big reward game. In this mode, all the players make a big bet—whoever the poorest player is must wager ALL his or her coins—and whoever wins takes it all! ALL-IN will be available on weekends for a limited time only!

- Add more personal information to your profile interface, show your skills, and let your partners know you're the best!

- Card carnival is back! Come and try your luck!

- Finally, in Ranked Mode Season 8 two shark-themed effects have been added, and the Super Elite effect is now permanent!


UNO!™ Dev Team

UNO!? App Server Maintenance and New Updates