Isabella Crowned Community Cup USA & Canada 2023's Esports Champion of the Year!


UNO! Mobile is proud to announce the Champion of UNO!™ Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup USA & Canada 2023 is Isabella from Mississauga, Canada! As Esports Champion of the Year, she takes home a coveted one-of-a-kind 26-inch tall trophy and a $5,000 USD cash prize.

This year, Isabella also took the crown for the Community Cup July tournament, earning her a place in the Annual Grand Finale. As a manager at a dental office, she never expected to become an Esports Champion:

“Never in a million years did I think I would win an Esports event. I am pretty much the least techy person I know. I felt fairly confident in my own game play but when I was watching the groups play ahead of me, I did get nervous knowing that my fellow competitors were also very skilled.

When I got to the Annual Grand Finale, I think that's when my confidence really ramped up, especially after the ultimate UNO! Mobile All-Stars champion LilyPichu said that I was her top pick to win!”

16 players made it to the Annual Grand Finale but only Isabella was crowned the winner of Community Cup USA & Canada 2023 after battling out in a number of rounds:

“I feel incredibly lucky and thankful for the opportunity to play and have the win. When I was in the matches, I felt relatively calm - I was practising my breathing and kept in my mind all the playing skills that I learnt up until this point. When I won, I literally yelled out 'I WON' hahaha!! I was beyond ecstatic!”

Isabella plays UNO! Mobile in her free time to unwind and even her family plays from time to time. They were also there to support her during the Finale, cheering her on till the very end:

“I had my husband and 2 girls watching me livestreaming the competition on YouTube and I was really appreciative of their support. My stepson who lives in a different province was also watching and cheering me on which was pretty cool!”


For Isabella, community has been the best part of her UNO! Mobile experience from casual rounds in her daily life to the Annual Grand Finale:

“The comradery in the community has been the most memorable part, for sure. All of the competitors really cheered each other on and everyone had a great outlook about it.

I love all the commentators on the UNO! Mobile livestream. They really do a good job to make it a fun and interactive experience for the players and the ones watching.”

In the end, strategy was key to Isabella’s success, helping her win the grand prize. She shares her winning tips and tricks with the rest of the UNO! Mobile and encourages people to get involved:

“My top UNO! Mobile winning tips and tricks would be:

1. Always hold a wild card until the end.

2. Change up the colour being stacked if you can to trip up other players.

3. Keep an eye on your opponents colours that they are discarding or changing the colour too.

4. Try to leave your discard all until last and surprise everyone with a monumental win!”

For those who dreams of becoming an esports winner, Isabella said:

“Dream it and do it!! If I won, you can too!”

After such a wildly unpredictable tournament, Isabella plans to continue playing UNO! Mobile alongside her fellow competitors and friends. She offers her thoughts on the future of UNO! Mobile Esports:

“I think it would be pretty cool if I was asked to participate in future UNO! Mobile events. I am an introvert naturally, so it would be a challenge for me personally but it would also be pretty cool.

I really thought the 'popular player' event ahead of the championship was cool. More little events throughout the year to get people excited would also be pretty cool.”

Congratulations are also in order for our other seven winners Lizziibeth, MQ1190, Alexis Hannah, DanL, Jaja, Romeo, and Destiny Adame for giving their all and making it to the Top 8 of this Annual Grand Finale!

UNO! Mobile and Mattel163 would like to say a big thank you to every single player who has participated in these exciting tournaments throughout the year including the final 16! This line-up of incredible players from across the USA and Canada have shown that anyone can be an Esports Champion with the right platform.