Guide to winning more coins


How to win more coins?

Tip 1: Invite friends

Click "REWARD" on the screen to invite your friends to gain coins and room cards! More friends you invite, more rewards you will gain. You can also start a group chat on Facebook Messenger for making UNO™ friends circle bigger.

Once you send the invitation to your friends, both of you can enter the game through your Facebook Messenger dialog box, your game results will be updated with your friends due to the Facebook mechanism. If you don't want to do that, leave the dialog box and enter the game through Facebook Messenger 'Game' column.

There are 3 conditions to receive the inviting reward:

1. Your friend didn't play this game before;

2. She/he need to click the link you shared;

3. After entering the game, she/he need to create an account.

Tip2: Get Daily login gifts

Daily login will help you get everyday coins. At the same time get your daily login bonus constantly for seven days and you will receive a special medal on the 7th day.

Tip3: Finish Daily tasks

At the meantime, finish the daily task will help you gain more coins.