Kicking Expert Event Terms & Conditions


The Kicking Expert Event (hereinafter to be referred as “Event”) is organized by Mattel163 Limited (hereinafter to be referred as “Organizer”, “we” or “us”), held in UNO!? game (hereinafter to be referred as “this game”). By participating in the Event, all the participants and the winners agree to be bound by these terms and conditions which will be interpreted by the Organizer, whose decision regarding any dispute will be final and binding. The Organizer reserves the right to amend, modify or change these terms and conditions at any time during the Event.

1 How to Enter

1.1 Who Can Enter

Players over the age of 18.

Entry is not open to citizens and residents of the following countries and regions: Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Dubai of the United Arabia Emirate, Italy, and the States of New York and Florida, USA.

There is no cost or purchase to enter this Event.

1.2 Where to Enter

Players can enter the Event through the entry button in the lobby (main interface) of this game.

2 Timing

This Event will start at 03:00am 28 June (UTC), and will end at 03:00am 23 July (UTC). The Event does not require any purchase or consideration as a condition for entering or awarding a prize.

3 The Event

3.1 Abstract of the Event's Procedure

Participants gain some “Kicking Points” (hereinafter to be referred as “Points”)  by playing this game.

Use the Points to predict the result of certain association football matches.

If the prediction of a single match is correct, the players could collect some Points and in-game coins as rewards.

At the end of the Event, the players could use their Points to open a “Lucky Box” in our game to draw other rewards.

3.2 Collect Points

In the “KICKING EXPERT” tab of the “DAILY” interface, players could collect Points through following tasks:

Daily Login (50 Points each day)

Compete in “Quick Play” match twice (25 Points each day)

Compete in “2v2” match twice (25 Points each day)

Compete in “Global League”(if the league is ongoing) (50 Points each day)

**All the tasks above do not cost any real-world currency**

3.3Predict Association Football Matches

Players use Points gained for free to predict single matches.

The matches will be available in the game interface about two days before kick-off.

50 Points will be used to predict each single match.

Players choose the team that they think will win the match.

The result of the matches will be released in this game within 24 hours after the matches.

The players will gain rewards of Points (from 120 to 400) and in-game coins (from 200 to 1000) through each correct prediction.

4 The Draw

4.1 Timing

From 03:00am 16 July (UTC) to 03:00am 23 July (UTC).

4.2 Process

To draw rewards by tapping a button in this game to open the “Lucky Box”.

200 Points will be used for each draw.

The probability of winning any prize from each draw is the same for all players.

A player could draw multiple times until his/her Points are under 200.

4.3 Prize List

Amazon Gift Card(100$),Value: 100$,Counts: 3,Probability:  0.01%、until run out

Amazon Gift Card(50$),Value: 50$,Counts: 5,Probability:  0.01%、until run out

Amazon Gift Card(10$),Value: 10$,Counts: 10,Probability:  0.01%、until run out

Ball and souvenir of World Cup,Value: about 60$,Counts: 10,Probability:  0.01%、until run out

Make-up,Value: about 100$,Counts: 2,Probability:  0.01%、until run out

UNO cards,Value: 10$,Counts: 20,Probability:  0.01%、until run out

In-game Coins (amount from 50 to 2000), Value: varies, Counts: unlimited, Probability: 28%

In-game Scratches, Value: varies, Counts: unlimited, Probability: 40%

In-game Room Keys, Value: varies, Counts: unlimited, Probability: 20%

In-game Magic Wands, Value: 1 $,Counts: unlimited,Probability:  11.99%

Prizes may not be redeemed for cash. Prizes are not transferrable and must be claimed by the winner.

4.4 To Claim Prizes

For in-game virtual prizes, they will be directly sent to the player’s game account.

For tangible prizes, we will send in-game mails to players to guide them to contact our email of customer services.

To receive the prizes, the player may need to provide his/her name, mailing address or other information.

The player may refuse to provide such information and give up the right to claim the prizes.

We will not keep the information for any other use and will delete them after the player receives the item(s).

4.5 Winner Release

We will release the list of players who win the limited tangible prizes via our in-game mails, UNO!? official website and Facebook Fanpage.

We will only release the in-game nicknames and game IDs of the players.

4.6 Other Conditions

Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner. If the winner cannot be contacted, is unable to claim the prizes for any reason or is unable to comply with these terms and conditions, those prizes will be cancelled and will not be awarded to the winner.

Failure to claim the prize within 20 working days of notification by us or failure to meet the eligibility requirements may result in forfeiture of the prize.

Wherever applicable, the decision in relation to any aspect of the Event by us is final and no further correspondence will be entered into with participants.

In the event of a discrepancy between these standard terms and conditions and the details in the other material (or any other terms and conditions provided/referred to at the time of entry), these terms and conditions shall prevail.

CAUTION: The Organizer does not require participants to send cash, purchase or other consideration to entry the Event or receive any of the prizes and will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by any person who fails to pay heed to this notification.