UNO Championship Series Mobile Tournament


Welcome to the Rules of the UNO Championship Series Mobile Tournament!

The following is what you need to know to succeed in the biggest online UNO! tournament ever!

Tournament Structure

•All players aged 18 and up at Level 3 and above can participate after registering!

•Players can only choose one region when registering, so one player can join at most 8 qualifiers. We want you to succeed, so please try your best, and try often!

Tournament Schedule

Regional Qualifiers

•Qualifiers each last 7 days.

•The first 5 Classic Single games played each day are scored. 5 more games can be scored by finishing qualifier tasks. At the end of the qualifier, each player's 10 best games are added together and the players are ranked on the leaderboard.

•Scoring rules: the 1st and 2nd place players in each match receive positive scores, and the 3rd and 4th place players receive negative scores; scores come from the number of coins won or lost, divided by the multiplier if no player goes bankrupt.

•The top 16 players from each qualifier advance to the next global quarter-final, and the next highest-scoring four players—the top 17-20—qualify as substitute players for the quarter-finals. Global Quarter-Finals

•The Global Quarter-Finals include 128 players, 16 from each of the preceding qualifiers—2 qualifiers per region across 4 regions—and 32 substitute players.

•Double elimination rules are used. Each round consists of three games, and the final round consists of 5 games.

•The score of each game in a round ranks the players in that round, and determines whether each player moves forward on the winner's track or moves down onto the loser's track.

•Losing a second round knocks a player out of the Global Quarter-Finals.

•The top 16 players advance to the Digital Global Finals, and the next highest-scoring four players—the top 17-20—qualify as substitute players for the Digital Global Finals.

•If a player loses in the penultimate round of the Global Quarter-Finals, that player will be eliminated directly, even if that is the only loss over the entire Quarter-Finals (this does not apply in the finals).

Digital Global Finals

•The Digital Global Finals are open to players who have advanced from the Global Quarter-Finals, a total of 64 players and 16 substitutes.

•The rules are the same as for the Global Quarter-Finals.

Scoring Rules for the Quarter-Finals and Finals

·The player's score in each game is the sum of card's points left in his hand

·When the round is over, the players are ranked in ascending order according to the following:

1.Total Score

2.If there is a tie between two or more players, that tie is resolved by ranking those players in order according to their total scores from Wild Cards and Wild +4 cards.

3.If there is still a tie, players are ranked in order of their score from Action cards (+2, Reverse, Skip).

4.If there is still a tie, players are ranked by the total score from numbered cards (0-9)

5.If there is still a tie—this is unusual!—each player is given a random card from a shuffled deck and ranked in ascending order of card value.

·The top 16 players from each Global Quarter-Final move on to the Digital Global Finals!

Thanks for reading, and good luck!