UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars Launching with Unpredictable Fun


Excited to have more UNPREDICTABLE FUN in UNO! Mobile this summer?  Mattel163 is introducing the first-ever UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars, a unique, high-stakes influencer competition for all UNO! Mobile fans! Spanning three weeks from August 12 until the grand finale on August 26, the tournament will see 16 star-gamers to compete to win a unique solid gold UNO wildcard!




UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars will be livestreamed in a watch party within the UNO! Mobile app in this UNPREDICTABLE 3-week event. Qualifying rounds will be held on August 12 and 19 at 4:00 pm PDT where contestants will face off in teams of two. The finals will occur on August 26 at 4:00 pm PDT with a winner takes all showdown.


With 16 livestreaming stars, such as Valkyrae, YouTube's most watched female streamer, and CouRage, an esports icon, this is a show match you can't miss!


Week 1
Week 2


You can influence who makes it to the finals! Vote for your favourite players in the UNO! Mobile app starting from 12:00 am PDT on August 11 and ending 11:59 pm PDT on August 22. The top four voted-for streamers will automatically secure their place in the final!


Earning Tickets Rules

- Head to the event page by tapping “LIVE” in the main lobby and VOTE!

- Once per day, you can earn tickets equal to your LOGIN STREAK. Each day you login in a row increases your login streak by 1 with a maximum of 10 days in a row. However, if you miss a day, your login streak will reset to 0!

- Once per day, you can earn 2 tickets by watching the video on the main UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars in-app page.

- Voting will be available exclusively in the UNO! Mobile app


Hope you all have fun with All-Stars!