Introducing the First Community Cup Debut Champion - Kris!


This month, UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup Debut saw 200,000 players compete for the championship title. After many wild and unpredictable turns, Kris from Chicago was crowned the first-ever winner!

Many community players enjoyed Kris' gameplay at the Grand Finale and highly praised his competitive skills. What's his secret "weapon" to winning matches? How did he feel during the competitive tournament? We took some time to talk with Kris about his story with UNO! Mobile.



Kris has some memories of playing board games, including UNO as a child. It was not until recent years that he picked up UNO! Mobile out of curiosity.

"I wanted a card game on my phone that I could play between breaks and in the evening. So I searched on the app store and UNO! Mobile was at the top of the search results. Since then, I started playing the game and building my coins. I also have made some great friendships in the game."

Kris joined the Community Cup Debut tournament as a big fan and long-term player of UNO! Mobile, but he didn't have any expectation of glory coming into the competition:

"I honestly didn't expect to be in the finals, much less a winner. The chances of advancing in the competition are very slim as you are competing with countless players. The experience was so awesome! Never in my life have I competed at such a level of competition. The people I've competed with are skilled players and it all comes down to the luck of the cards as well as mind games."

During the Grand Finale, Kris was cheered on by friends and family, who stayed up to watch him battle match after match. His focus and determination helped drive him throughout the tournament.

"The most memorable part of the competition, besides becoming the winner, is how I entered the Grand Finals as an underdog. In the quarter-finals I only placed second place to advance to the semifinals. And in the semifinals, I also advanced to second place in the final round."

Although this level of competition was new to Kris, he used his experience to help him stay on top match after match. His go-to strategy in the end did not fail him and placed him on top.

"I think the key to winning the tournament is keeping your composure, analyzing your opponent's strategies, and just enjoying the game. In terms of winning UNO! Mobile matches, my tips will be to remember the colors your opponents don't have and what colors they need. Also, be aware of the time limit - use the clock to your advantage."


Now the UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup Debut is over, Kris has had some time to reflect on the tournament and wonder what UNO! Mobile has in store next:

"Honestly, being a winner hasn't really sunk in. I always try to enjoy each game I play with UNO! Mobile and I will continue to have fun while playing with my friends. I'm looking forward to the next year's UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series. I would like more players to compete and experience the awesome feeling I had during the entire competition."

Another exciting end to a wildly fun and unpredictable tournament! But that is not the end of the UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup! Keep an eye out for more updates on competitions coming next year!