• Become an Official Account

    Q:How to become an official account?

    A:Go to "Settings>>Account Center>>Become an Official Account" >> Setting your Username and Password>>Complete.

  • Data Sync:

    Q: I've registered an account using Android. Can I use this account on iOS devices? Does UNO! support data sharing between Android and iOS devices?

    A: If you log in using your Facebook account, the data is available using both between Android and iOS devices. However, using certain accounts, such as Game Center, means that your data is not shared on other platforms.

  • Lost Guest Account:

    Q: How do I retrieve my guest account?

    A: You may LOSE your guest account if you uninstall and reinstall our app on android, or input a small age on iOS after reinstallation.

  • Forget User Account:

    Q: What should I do if I forget my username?

    A: You can log in using your email to recover your username.