• Quick Play:

    Play UNO online using classic rules!

  • 2v2 Mode:

    You can partner up with a friend in 2v2 mode.

  • Go Wild:

    More action cards, higher multipliers, and more coins win or lose!

  • Room Mode:

    4 people play with house rules!

  • Party Mode:

    Play with players nearby using house rules! Remember to activate your GPS first.

  • Ranks:

    Your rank is determined by: How many rounds you have won (TROPHIES), how much time you have spent playing (EXP), how many coins you have won (COINS), how many likes you have received (LIKES) and how many gifts you have received (CHARISMA). Improve your scores in each of these areas to increase your ranking.

  • Achievements:

    There are four kinds of achievements: Progress, Collection, Social and Gameplay. Receive a reward each time you complete an achievement

  • Friends:

    You can add players nearby as your friends and send free coins to each other.

  • Daily:

    Complete daily tasks to gain rewards and log in daily to receive gifts.

  • Store:

    If you don't have enough coins to start a game, you can buy diamonds in the Store and exchange them for coins.